Load cell
Wireless system 2

280DW wireless system


XK315A1W-plastic housing
XK315W1GB3W SS housing
XK315A1GB5W SS housing
*.Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
*.Storage temperature: -25℃ to 55℃
*.Relative humidity:≤ 85% non–condensing
*.30 hours battery life,
*. Acid-lead 6V/2.8Ah for transmitter, 6V/4Ah for indicator
*.Drive up 4X350Ω or 8X700Ω load cell
*.Manual/Automatic accumulation
*.Programmable zero tracking,digital filter
*.Selectable kg and lb
*.RS-232 serial interface
*.Accuracy can be increased ten times
*.Animal weighing,hold function,counting function, printing function,
*. Positive display and negative display

RS485 serial interface
Two set point function
Four set point function
4-20mA Analog current output function
Mechanical scale
Blue tooth connection