Load cell

FGH high accuracy balance

*. CE approved
*. Auto shut off.
*. Auto calibration.
*. Auto zero tracking.
*. Low battery indication.
*. Units: g/ct/oz/tl/tola/gn/dwt 14 units available
*. Large LCD
*. Stainless weighing pan
*. Counting function
*. Power supplies:6pcs of AA size batteries or 9v/100mA AC/DC power adapter
*. Glass made windshield
*. RS232 - Optional
*. HBM load cell


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power source: 6pcs of AA size batteries or AC/DC power adapter

Model Capacity Division Pan size
FGH 100g 0.001g φ115mm
FGH 300g 0.005g φ115mm
FGH 600g 0.01g φ115mm
FGH 1000g 0.01g φ115mm
FGH 1200g 0.01g φ115mm
FGH 2000g 0.01g φ115mm