Load cell


*. Single-deck (without bottom-border frame), dual doors at each end, usually fence of 1m height
*. Mild-steel structure, powder-coated finish
*. load cells (alloy-steel, OIML approval) including the feet
*. With junction box (plastic housing, water-proof) and 5m cable (without the protecting tube)
*. With indicator (ss-steel, CE approval, with animal function)
*. Supply with all screws for each unit
*. Supply with 2pcs rings-bolts for each unit to be lifted

Dual open-able doors at each end and upright latch structure,
and the latch will automatically come in its hole when you close the door.
The position for load cell is about 200mm higher than the platform surface,
thus, it is with good anti-corrosion feature.


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power supply: rechargeable battery.

Model Capacity Platform size
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 0.8mX0.8m
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 1.0mX1.0m
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 1.0mX1.2m
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 1.2mX1.2m
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 1.2mX1.5m
TCS-MC 600kg~1t 1.5mX1.5m
TCS-MC 600kg~2t 1.0mX2.0m
TCS-MC 600kg~2t 1.2mX2.0m
TCS-MC 600kg~2t 1.5mX2.0m