Load cell
NK Dynamometer

*. High accuracy and high resolution
*. Accuracy: 1%, division to 0.5%
*. Compact size, easy to operate and handy to carry out
*. Peak hole and track mode
*. Two units: Newton and Kilogram
*. Match to all kinds of test stand and grips


*. Weight accuracy: OIML IV standard.
*. Safe overload: 120%F.S.
*. Operating temp: - 10℃ ~ + 40℃

Model Max Cap Division
NK 10N 0.05N
NK 20N 0.1N
NK 30N 0.2N
NK 50N 0.25N
NK 100N 0.5N
NK 200N 1N
NK 300N 2N
NK 500N 2.5N