Load cell


*. Single-deck (without bottom-border frame), single door at each end, usually fence of 1m height
*. Mild-steel structure, powder-coated finish
*. load cells (alloy-steel, OIML approval) including the feet
*. With junction box (plastic housing, water-proof) and 5m cable (without the protecting tube)
*. With indicator (ss-steel, CE approval, with animal function)
*. Supply with all screws for each unit
*. Supply with 2pcs rings-bolts for each unit to be lifted

Single open-able door at each end and cross moveable structure, really easy and reliable for closing the door


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power supply: rechargeable battery.

Model Capacity Platform size
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 0.8mX0.8m
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 1.0mX1.0m
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 1.0mX1.2m
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 1.2mX1.2m
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 1.2mX1.5m
TCS-MB 600kg~1t 1.5mX1.5m
TCS-MB 600kg~2t 1.0mX2.0m
TCS-MB 600kg~2t 1.2mX2.0m
TCS-MB 600kg~2t 1.5mX2.0m