Load cell

SCS-A Analog full-electronic Truck Scale



*. Truck scales are tested with heavy-load for a long time and are optimized gradually
*. The main beams and auxiliary beams are made of rigid channel-section steel or U shape steel
*. High quality steel plates are used for platform
*. Special clamping apparatus in welding, precision measure technology in positioning.
*. The main mechanical capacity is largely strengthened, from the longitudinal anti-bending and horizontal anti-torque capability of its scale body to the part compressive-rigidity of its platform plate
*. Surface is specially finished to improve the property of abrasion, anti-press, anti-aging and antirust
Firstly: the body is strictly processed with antirust and oxide-layer dislodging
Secondly: surface is sprayed twice with the quality epoxy and rich-zinc antirust paint
Thirdly: antirust-paint layer is sprayed with orange-veins acrylic acid polyurethane that is usually used in shipbuilding industry

*. The bodies are designed with standard module to solve troubles in transportation and reduce freight


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.

System connection:


Item Description
A Weigh bridge
B Load cell
C Junction box
D Indicator
F Large screen
G Printer
H Vehicle

Foudation type:

scs Advantage Disadvantage
construction cost low,well ventilated, easy maintenance 42cm above ground, occupy more space
scs flat with ground, occupy less space, easy to drive on or off construction cost high, drainpipe is necessary, more work on maintenance

Load cell - two options (OIML R76)

scs                                  scs

Model: HM9B alloy steel                             Model: BM14G stainless steel

Indicator - two options (OIML R76)

scs                    scs

          Model: XK3190A9                                        Model: XK3190A9P


Large screen and Junction box


                      Model: CX-SR                                                Model: CX-JB PI65

Printer and Managing software

scs              scs

           Panasonic printer: KX P1121                                        Managing software

Weighbridge assembly



Weighbridge Capacity Sections Parts Load cell TEU FEU
3x6m 20-50t 1 2 4 4pcs 8pcs
3x7m 20-50t 2 4 6 2pcs 4pcs
3x8m 30-60t 2 4 6 2pcs 4pcs
3x9m 30-60t 2 4 6 2pcs 4pcs
3x10m 30-60t 2 4 6 2pcs 4pcs
3x12m 30-60t 2 4 6 2pcs 4pcs
3x14m 50-100t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3x16m 60-100t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3x18m 60-120t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3x21m 60-150t 3 6 8   1pcs
3.4x14m 60-100t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3.4x16m 60-100t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3.4x18m 80-120t 3 6 8 1pcs 2pcs
3.4x21m 80-150t 3 6 8   1pcs