Load cell

SUPER-SS Waterproof weighing scale

*. CE approved
*. IP68 super water proof
*. ADS1232 high precision A/D chip from TI company
*. Hi quality circuit according to the standard of Samsung
*. Weighing/counting function
*. Platistic housing or Stainless steel housing
*. Stainless steel button key to avoid damage
*. Waterproof loadcell, OIML approved
*. Waterproof adaptor
*. Pan size: 230x190mm


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power source: rechargable battery,AC adaptor

Model Capacity Division Pan size
SUP-SS/SU 3kg 0.5g 23x19cm
SUP-SS/SU 6kg 1g 23x19cm
SUP-SS/SU 15kg 2g 23x19cm
SUP-SS/SU 30kg 5g 23x19cm