Load cell

Wireless system 1 - Axle weighing


*. System consists of wireless Axle link and wireless Axle track
*. Bi-direction communication between Axle link and Axle track
*. Load control and weighing for the vehicles
*. Measuring the weight of axle of truck,Max 5pcs truck axle
*. Integrated design, self-weight less than 15kg, easy to move.
*. Special protection treatment against hard working conditions.
*. Accuracy 1%
*. Water proof construction.
*. All function and units are clearly display on the LCD(with backlighting)
*. User programmable set-point used for safety and warning applications
*. DC 9V-15V wide range input for Axle link. DC 6V battery for Axle track.
*. Parameter setting is easier with Axle track.
*. Axle link can be used as a mini individual indicator without Axle track
*. Connect with PC by RS232
*. No need any cable/wire for connection in the whole system.
*. Wireless large display – Optional

Display "16 characters LCD module with backlight for Axle link
128×64 DOTS LCD module with backlight for Axle track"
Manual zero range 20%F.S. (can be selected by parameter setup)
Stable time ≤10 seconds
Overload indication 100% F.S.+9e
Battery life of Axle track ≥30 hours
Battery type of Axle track AA batteries 1.5×4
Operating temp 20℃+45℃
Operating humidity ≤85% RH under 20℃
Wireless distance Min.25m(default) 100m(optional)
Wireless frequency 433Mhz