Load cell
SCS-PB Portable Truck Scale (wireless type)

*. Load control and weighing for the vehicles
*. Measuring the weight and barycenter of airplane.
*. Measuring weight for special purpose.
*. Integrated design, self-weight less than 36kg, easy to move.
*. Special protection treatment against hard working conditions.
*. Equipped with rubber ramps to avoid impact.
*. Maximum load of a single wheel: 15t
*. Maximum capacity of single axle: 30t
*. Static accuracy 1‰, dynamic accuracy 1%
*. Truck speed <5km/h
*. 2.4GHz operating frequency
*. Distance control not less than 100m
*.Battery working life: indicator 70 hours; pad 12 hours
*. Display: LCD 128*64 with back-lighting; Show weight value: 6 bit
Show working life of battery ; Show strong of signal
*. Hold on the peak value can contact with computer by RS232
*. Max 16pcs weighing pads
*. No need any cable/wire for connection in the whole system.

Rated output (mv/v) 0.9 Temperature effect on span (%FS/10℃) 0.1
Combined Error (%FS) 0.2 Temperature effect on zero (%FS/10℃) 0.1
Non-linearity (%FS) 0.1,0.2 Temperature. Compensated (℃) -60
Non-repeatability (%FS) 0.1 Temperature, operating (℃) -120
Creep(%FS/min) 0.1 Excitation, Voltage (V) 9-15(DC)
Input Resistance (Ω) 3120±40 Max. Excitation(V) 20(DC)
Output Resistance (Ω) 2800±10 Safe Overload (%FS) 120
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) ≥5000(100VDC) Ultimate Overload(%FS) 150
Zero Balance (%FS) 400-100 Protection Class IP66
Max. load for single point 15t,25t Cable Spec (m) 4-wire shield cable
Rated Capacity 15t,25t
Red input(+) Black input(-) Green output(+) White output(-)


Indicator front panel

Pad and indicator connection and working method

Standard parts
A) Axle weigher and dynamic weighing
B) 2pcs weighing pads and 1pc indicator
C) Aluminum weighing-pad 700x440x30mm and double rubber ramp 700x350mm
D) Axle Capacity 30t ; each pad 15t
E) Thermal printer with stand – optional
F) 4pcs of weighing pads and 1pc indicator- optional