Load cell

XK3190-D3 Truck Digital Indicator (OIML76)


*. Stainless steel housing 307L x 210H x 110D
*. LED display
*. Loadcell connection method RS485, distance 1000meters
*. Drive 16 digital load cell, loadcell power: DC 12V/0.8A(Max)
*. Accumulation and total function
*. Date and time setting
*. Auto/semi-auto/manual angle correction
*. Digital loadcell communication address modification function
*. Single loadcell and single angle data check function
*. Call and display inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
*. Non-linearity correction and calibration tolerance correction
*. Weighing data save/check/delete/protection in case of poweroff
*. Store and recall up to 1500 vehicle ID and tares, 201 cargo ID and cargo name, 1001 weighing records
*. Scoreboard interface 20mA current loop
*. Printer interface: LQ-300K,KX-P1131,XK-P1121,DS-300,Thermal microprinter: POS58,T58D
*. RS232 interface, RS422/RS485 – optional
*. Internal power rechargeable battery and external power 80-260V
*. OIML 76, digital indicator


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power source: Rechargeable battery & AC adaptor.