Load cell

FRH Precision Balance

*. CE approved
*. Auto shut off.
*. Auto calibration.
*. Auto zero tracking.
*. Low battery indication.
*. Units: g/ct/oz/tl/tola/gn/dwt 14 units available
*. Large LCD (6digits 15mm hight)
*. Stainless weighing pan
*. Counting function
*. Power supplies:6pcs of AA size batteries or 9v/100mA AC/DC power adapter
*. RS232 - Optional


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power source: 6pcs of AA size batteries or AC/DC power adapter

Model Capacity Division Pan size
FRH 50g 0.001g φ40mm
FRH 100g 0.002g φ40mm
FRH 100g 0.005g/0.002g φ11.5mm
FRH 300g 0.001g/0.005g φ11.5mm
FRH 600g 0.002g/0.001g φ11.5mm
FRH 1000g 0.002g 17x18cm
FRH 3000g 0.1g/0.05g 17x18cm
FRH 6000g 0.1g/0.05g 17x18cm
FRH 10000g 0.5g/0.2g 17x18cm