Load cell
SCS-F Axle Truck Scale

*. Load control and weighing for the vehicles
*. Measuring the weight and barycenter of airplane.
*. Measuring weight for special purpose.
*. Special protection treatment against hard working conditions.
*. Maximum axle mass 30-60t ton
*. Minimum axle mass 500kg.
*. The quantity of axles is no limited
*. Accumulation function to add all axle weight.
*. Occupy small space and simple to constructing.
*. Foundation simple and easy to make maintenance.
*. Suitable for weighing goods in low value, such as stones, sand and ore.
*. Truck speed <5km/h

Weigh-bridge size and capacity

Model Weigh-bridge Capacity Division
SCS-F 3.2mx0.9mx30cm 30t 20kg/200kg
SCS-F 3.2mx2.2mx30cm 40t-60t 50kg/500kg


Indicator front panel

Indicator back socket diagram

Standard parts
A) U-shape beams structure
B) With bottom-border frame
C) Load cell HM9B (alloy-steel, OIML R60 approval)
D) Stainless steel junction box and 15m cable
E) XK3190-M indicator (aluminum case, dynamic, built-in mini printer)