Load cell
FKS-A Compact Balance


*. CE approved
*. Auto shut off - optional
*. Auto backlight - optional
*. Rugged plastic housing,with large LCD unit,digit height 15mm.
*. Easy operation by the key.
*. Socket for charger on the side.
*. Low battery indication.
*. Measures:kg/g/lb/oz for 4 units


*. Operating temp: 0℃ ~ + 40℃
*. Operating humidity: <= 90%R.H.
*. Power source: 6AA battery & AC adaptor - optional.

 Master balance

Model Capacity Division Pan Size
FKS-A 600g 0.1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 1200g 0.1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 2500g 0.1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 1000g 0.5g 18x16cm
FKS-A 2000g 1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 3000g 1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 5000g 1g 18x16cm
FKS-A 6000g 1g 18x16cm